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I work full-time, have twin toddlers and have turned 40. I needed Stacy to help me get on track with the style and personal look that I wanted. Stacy started with a closet consultation that opened my eyes to the reality that I needed more help than I thought. With ease, she was able to put together a vast array of outfits, with accessories, that took me out of my comfort zone, but brought me closer to my true personal style. With the documentation that Stacy provided, I am able to easily select the appropriate outfit for a variety of events without staring at my clothes wondering “What am I going to wear?”.

What might be even more important is the confidence that she has instilled in how I wear every outfit. Although I consider myself to be a very strong woman and believe that strength does come from within, how I feel in the outfits that Stacy has put together- knowing my top is flattering and my pants fit well- gives me that extra boost of self-confidence. Since having Stacy provide me with honest, on-target advice, it is rare that I don’t have someone give me a compliment on something I’m wearing...from clients during business meetings to people in line at the grocery store. 

I heard someone say once, “People who love to dress well don't just love the clothes, they love the feeling they get from wearing an outfit that looks flawless.”. There is no doubt that this is what Stacy provided to me. The investment that I made in hiring Stacy has paid off every day when I put on an outfit that is comfortable, event appropriate and flattering within minutes. Thanks, Stacy!

-Julie (AKA very satisfied customer), Lake Forest

I like to think of myself as a stylish woman, but as a busy, professional I more and more found that I just didn’t have time to spend on my wardrobe. I had the budget to add some new items each season but just was either rushed when I shopped or frustrated that I didn’t know what to buy. So I’d end up buying the same types of things that I already had at home and then have buyer’s remorse because I never really loved what I bought. So, SFR:style came in to help! It was spring and I needed to revamp my summer wardrobe for both work and play. You name it, I needed it. After creating my unique ‘personal recipe’ Stacy accompanied me to many of the same stores that I visited all the time but suddenly, the experience was totally different. Stacy helped me to see things I would normally have passed over. And, conversely, she helped me to see why my usual “go-to” items were not solid investments. She gave me a better understanding of how to embrace my core style but also how I could add distinct pieces to change my look from day to day or event to event. Stacy gives honest and skilled advice on what works and what doesn’t. My shopping trip with SFR:style was by far the most productive and fun shopping trip I’ve had in 10 years! I came home with new work and play clothes and felt confident about every purchase. Six months later, I still feel great about all of the clothes purchased, and with the help of Stacy’s continual advice, I’m amazed how I’m able to transition many of the pieces from season to season. 

-Laura, Chicago

I was in need of a cocktail dress for a very specific event and wanted something that looked great on my body, but stood out in the crowd. As a busy professional who travels frequently, I looked through my calendar and saw that there was going to be very little time for me to spend looking for the perfect dress. SFR:style literally saved the day. After a brief consult, Stacy had an understanding of what I needed, my budget and my style preferences. Within a few days, she sent me 8 amazing options - all available online. Stacy took the time to find several dresses that were exactly what I was looking for but added in some options that would work amazingly well for my body shape, but that I would have never thought of on my own. I got a concise list of my options with SFR:style’s advice and comments on each dress. I ordered 5 of the 8 to try on at home and found an amazing dress for my event. Without SFR:style, I would have been wearing my same old black cocktail dress - thank you!

-LMK, Chicago 

I am a mother of three and I was returning to work and found my current wardrobe in a state of disaster. I reached out to a fashion consultant at SFR:style. Stacy came to my home and created a style profile that was unique to me as well as a comprehensive “wish-list” of clothing pieces and accessories that I could use in order to help maximize what I already owned. She went through my closet and found at least 20 outfits that I never knew were hiding in my current wardrobe!  

With a better understanding of my unique personal style (as well as some amazing tips about how to dress for my body shape), I hit the stores with my “wish list” in hand and felt incredibly empowered while shopping to make smart fashion purchases. The few hours that Stacy met with me gave me the confidence I needed when shopping for new clothing. I firmly believe that my closet consult from SFR:style has changed the way I look at my wardrobe and the way I shop for new clothing. I’m actually excited to go back to work!

-Mary, Chicago

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