Meet Stacy Fenoglio Ryan. Otherwise known as the (fashion) brainchild behind SFR:style. An ad executive (and avid shoe collector - she proudly display a "boot case" in her bedroom), Stacy balances the corporate world with the clothes world in the hopes of bringing her passion for all things fashion to anyone looking for a little style guidance. 

As wardrobe consultant, personal shopper and clothing designer, Stacy has developed a unique and creative approach to making personal style more easily digestible. Knowing it's the little details that matter, she strives to help clients understand and recognize the unique ingredients that make up their own "style recipe". 

Before launching SFR:style, Stacy has had the privilege to work with some of the country's top fashion photographers and stylists including Gilles Bensimon, Arthur Elgort & Isabel Dupre. But long before that, Stacy passion for fashion was clear. At the young age of 2 she started her accessory collection with her grandmother's vintage necklaces - often rocking them as a key statement piece with nothing else! She has a unique talent for deconstructing and reconstructing vintage into one-of-a-kind pieces, has a bloodhound's nose for designer discount & is known for her almost preternatural gift of knowing just what an outfit needs to make it the perfect look. 

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ABOUT SFR: philosophy

SFR:style will awlays:

Educate and guide
Help uncover your unique personal style
Create fashion confidence
Build a collection from your closet
Be respectful of your piggybank
Make fashion fun

 SFR:style will never

Judge and criticize
Force-fit a particular style
Create fashion insecurity
Throw out everything in your closet
Break the bank
Make fashion daunting

“Buy less, choose well, and mix it all.” 
              –Vivienne Westwood