“Fashion fades, but style is eternal.”
–Yves Saint Laurent

While it might have come from the lofty lips of a style icon, it’s the sentiment that serves as the foundational premise behind all that we do here at SFR:style.

To put it simply, style is what makes us tick. Specifically, your style. Deeply personal and utterly individual, we understand that personal style is what makes you, you. And once you discover it, it’s something that, as Yves himself said, can live with you forever.

As wardrobe consultants and personal shoppers, we uncover your true personal style. One that flatters your body type, your lifestyle, your budget and, most important, your personality. We believe that everyone has their own ‘style recipe’ and we have developed a unique way to help each client discover their perfect mix of ingredients. And we like to do it all with a friendly dose of honesty and approachability.

Because the way we see it, fashion should be fun. We know your style is in there somewhere – let us help bring it out of the closet!

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